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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Total Validator v7.1 released

Building on the internal changes made for version 7.0, Total Validator is proud to announce the development of a CSS Validator for 7.1 allowing you to validate the contents of style tags, 'style' attributes and style sheets across your web site at the same time as validating HTML, Accessibility, Broken Links and Spell Checking.

This initial release of the CSS Validator is restricted to the Pro Tool and CSS Levels 1 and 2.1. Work has already started on CSS Level 3 and this should be ready for release next time.

The broken links validator has also come under scrutiny with this release with several performance improvements and enhancements including support for links embedded in CSS.

Finally, changes to the browser extension and tool have been made so that only compatible versions can be used together, otherwise the user is taken to a page to download a compatible version.

posted by Total Validator @ 7:40 am

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