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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Pro Tool v7.3 and Extension v7.2.1 Released

The main change in v7.3 is support for finer control over what and when to skip validations on parts of your pages and CSS. This is useful if you know that something will fail but you are okay with it. For example safely ignoring "Probable" accessibility errors because they don't apply to your site.

This release also sees major improvements in performance across all validations especially when validating larger sites due to some internal reworking. This reworking started last year and will continue most of this year, so there may be more performance improvements yet to come.

As per usual any recent changes in the standards are included. This is especially the case for CSS 3 Modules which are being updated rapidly by the W3C at the moment.

Finally, the spell checker now reports on how many words it has checked, and there are a few minor bugs fixes in the tool and the extension as well.

posted by Total Validator @ 10:49 am

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