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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Total Validator v6.0 released

The Pro Tool is now available for purchase, replacing the Advanced Tool, and a Linux version of the Basic Tool is also introduced.

The first major part of this release is support for the latest W3C accessibility guidelines (WCAG v2) with more tests than ever. Also extended and improved WCAG v1 and US 508 accessibility tests, especially table tests.

The other major part of this release is an overhaul of the way entire sites are validated, the impact being that validating many pages now requires significantly less memory than in the past. Along with this the depth option has been redefined to be more meaningful, and truly representing the number of levels of depth into the website.

You can also now select the browser to display the results in place of using the default browser. There are additional attribute tests for HTML validation and upgrades to Konqueror, Google and Safari to theor latest releases for screenshots.

posted by Total Validator @ 3:12 pm

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